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The Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK together with local executive bodies monitors the legality of the appointment and payment of addressed social assistance.

Changed on 17 August, 2019 - 12:29

Digital technologies are developing so rapidly that they practically change our usual picture of the world. Today they help us to order goods in the Internet, pay for various services, check social contributions, look for work, etc.

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Youth practice

24-year-old Madina Sagimbekova from Pavlodar graduated from S. Seifullin KazATU in 2017, but there was not work in the specialty for her. As many graduates around the world are used to hear: "Not enough experience". In this case, the experience was not at all.

– I graduated from the specialty "land management". To be honest, I chose this profession only because of the grant, but now everything suits me, - the girl admits.

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As of August 15 this year, addressed social assistance covered 1.8 million Kazakhstan citizens. The largest number of benefit recipients live in Turkestan region – 498,7 thousand people, in Almaty region – 225,4 thousand people, in Shymkent – 216,3 thousand people.

About 42% of the benefit recipients are urban residents and 58% are villagers. As of August 1 this year, the ASA was paid in the amount of 103 billion tenge. The average amount of payment per family was 86 thousand tenge per month.

State benefit

To date, the benefit is appointed to more than 700 service recipients every month. In Kazakhstan, the appointment of state benefits to mothers with many children, awarded with pendants "Altyn Alka" and "Kumis Alka", is now carried out automatically.


Young businesswoman Evgenia Sheludko opened her own business in March last year. Unlike many doubting their abilities novice entrepreneurs, she immediately confidently stepped into the world of business.

Evgenia is engaged in breeding quails. Her team supplies meat and poultry eggs to Ekibastuz and Pavlodar.

Changed on 15 August, 2019 - 18:24
state services

As of July 1, 690 thousand people with disabilities live in Kazakhstan, 61.5% (424.4 thousand people) of them are of working age, 25.6% (176.8 thousand people) — persons of retirement age, 12.9% (89.3 thousand people) — children under 18 years.

state services

According to the order of the Elbasy, this year 80% of state services will be transferred to electronic format, and in 2020 this indicator will reach 90%. At the same time, the Government plans to reduce the number of documents submitted on paper by 110 million.

It is not secret that the most important and sensitive niche in Kazakhstan is the sphere of social and labor relations, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK.

Changed on 15 August, 2019 - 10:14
Social card

Topical issues of priority areas of social work in the country were discussed on Monday, August 12, at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Council in the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK.

Changed on 12 August, 2019 - 20:12
Smart Data Ukimet

Today, the information systems of state bodies have accumulated a huge amount of useful information that is valuable for the analysis of indicators within each department, and at the level of interdepartmental data of the Government.

For the effectiveness of their analysis the project Smart Data Ukimet was created in Kazakhstan – the basic basis of digital transformation of the state.



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