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In Kazakhstan month on prevention of tuberculosis started

Today in all the regions of the republic started month on prevention of tuberculosis, timed to the World day of struggle against tuberculosis, which will last from February 24 to March 23, 2016. 

The objective of holding of month: increase of physicians wariness of primary medical-sanitary aid organizations (further PMSA) with respect to early detection of tuberculosis; reinforcement of preventive events; creation of conditions for healthy lifestyle conducting and timely subjection to professional inspections; increase of population's awareness about the first signs of tuberculosis, effectiveness of timely treatment, preventive events including refusal of tobacco smoking, drugs, alcohol, observance of rational nutrition and physical activity.  

Holding of open days with involvement of phthisiatricians and other specialists are planned in the framework of month in the PMSA organizations; for medical officers training on an early diagnosis and prophylaxis of tuberculosis education workshops will be organized; the work on prophylaxis of behavioral risk factors, physical activity and rational nutrition advertising will continue in the health schools with the aim of increase of immunity and resistance to microorganisms et al.

Tuberculosis is the infectious disease, being caused by mycobacteria known as a Koch bacillus, which most often strikes lungs (80%), other organs more rarely (20%). Tuberculosis transmits from person to person in an air-drop way and is the second cause in significance of the death from someone infectious agent, behind only HIV / AIDS.

A cough with sputum or blood sometimes, chest pains, ill health, a loss of weight, increased temperature, and nocturnal sweat are the symptoms of active form of pulmonary tuberculosis. Staging of tuberculin test of Mantoux 2TE is the important method of revelation of children's tuberculosis.

The timely addressing to the medical specialists allows curing tuberculosis.

Thanks to undertaken work in the recent years in Kazakhstan increase of morbidity and mortality of population from tuberculosis were decreased.

Based on the results of 2015 decrease of rate of morbidity 11,9% tuberculous (from 66,4 in 2014 to 58,5 of population's 100 thousand), and as mortality - by 22,4% (from 4,9 in 2014 to 3,8) by population's 100 thousand, according to the preliminary data of the National center of problems of tuberculosis of MHSD RK, is observed in the republic.

We will remind you the World day of struggle against tuberculosis is celebrated annually on March 24.

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