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In Kazakhstan the meningococcal infection decreased morbidity 4,7 times

In Kazakhstan the number of illnesses with a meningococcal infection has decreased 4,7 times in 2 months of the current year in comparison to a year earlier period (of the 83rd case) by population's 100 thousand – in 2 months in 2015, 18 chances of population's 100 thousand – in 2 months in the year 2016. 

The meningococcal infection is an acute infectious disease being accompanied by inflammation of brain coats. For a meningococcal infection the following clinical forms are typical: Acute rhinopharyngitis, purulent meningitis, and meningokoktsemiya. The disease is transmitted by the aerial-granular tract (during a cough, sneeze, in talk), a sick person or a carrier of an infection is its source. Meningococcal nazofaringitom patients are especially dangerous as sources of an infection because of their intensely excreting bacteria into an external environment. During increase of meningokoktsemiya of immediate flow probability of lethal outcome is high.

The incubation period of a meningococcal infection is from 2 to 20 days, 2-4 days more often. Days refer to the core clinical presentations: Sharp rise of body even higher temperature to 39°S, a burning headache, vomiting without the previous nausea not causing relief, a haemorrhagic rash, tension of occipital muscles, respiration disorder, block, confusion of consciousness.

Bacterial meningitis is the most dangerous complication during infecting with a meningococcal infection for the children and older people. Because of not formed immune system children suffer from this disease 20 times more often than adults. At the untimely reference for medical care lethality is more than 50%.

Taking into consideration the sudden start and severity of an illness with a meningococcal infection, at its first signs immediately one must seek help of the physician. It will allow to prevent serious consequences and even to save life.

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