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In this year in Kazakhstan from labor-surplus regions are planned to move 1259 families of oralmans

In this year in Kazakhstan from labor-surplus regions are planned to move 1259 families of oralmans

In the framework in 2016 of implementation of the Decree of the Government of Kazakhstan dated February 18 of this year. It is planned to move "About establishment of the regional quota of acceptance of oralmans and settlers for the 2016" of 1259 families of oralmans from labor-surplus regions of the country to labour-scarce ones.

The regional quotas for life of ethnic Kazakh who returned to the historical homeland are allocated as follows: in the Pavlodar oblast - 690 families, East Kazakhstan - 260 families, Akmola - 123 families, Northern Kazakhstan – 108 families, West Kazakhstan - 29 families, Atyrau - 28 families, Kostanay - 21 families.

By above-mentioned Decree is also provided resettlement of citizens of Kazakhstan, wishing move to the regions where the highest manpower requirement is observed. By this referral quotas for acceptance of 463 families of settlers are allocated: in Pavlodar oblast - 300 families, Northern Kazakhstan - 101 families, East Kazakhstan - 40 families, Kostanay – 22 families.

Help at the move, as well as state support in issues of job placement, including, in the framework of the program "Road map of employment 2020", will be extended to Oralmans and the settlers, as well as to the members of their families included in regional quota.

Ethnic Kazakh who arrived to the historical homeland, have an oralman's valid certificates for the moment of submission of an application can participate in a regional quota. By the questions of receipt of the status of oralman and inclusion in quota must refer in the place of residence to migration departments of offices of coordination of employment and social program of oblasts, Astana and Almaty cities

Since May of this year at support of RK MHSD will begin to function the information portal "Uly kosh" where all the necessary information for oralmans and settlers will be located.

We remind, since 1991 till 2015 to historical homeland returned and received the status of oralmans 261 thousand 104 families or 957 thousand 772 ethnic Kazakh, which is 5,5% of total number of population of the country.


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