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Over the last 13 years in Kazakhstan has conducted more than 133 thousand telemedical consultations


In Kazakhstan since 2004 to 2016 patients of medical organizations have received high-quality medical care through 133 392 thousand telemedical consultations.
Only in 2015, held on 24 970 thousand telemedical consultations for various diseases. The highest demand was for advice on cardiology – 5 600 sessions of pulmonology – 3 thousand 215 sessions, neurology – 2 thousand 251 etc.
Nowadays, the national telemedicine network (further - NTMN) unites 199 healthcare facilities across the country and is divided into district, regional and national levels.

Employees of medical organizations at the district level (141 district and city hospital) can get advice from their counterparts in regional hospitals and national medical centers.
Timely and correct diagnosis and treatment via telemedicine allows physicians to quickly solve the issues of emergency medical care to patients, reduce the expenses of citizens to travel and also reduces the cost of medical organizations for the delivery and support of severe patients in oblast or republican clinic.

NTMN also, use for conducting conference calls and national headquarters for the activities of healthcare organizations in the videoconference.
Experts from medical Universities, republican research institutes and national centers conduct educational television lectures and seminars for medical staff of regional and district hospitals for specific diseases.
We will remind, since 2004 in Kazakhstan implements the project on creation and development of National telemedicine network. It is designed for patients telemedical consultations of qualified doctors regardless of location and distance from regional and national medical centers. NTMN eliminates the existing gap between urban and rural population of the Republic in the availability of specialized and highly specialized medical care.

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