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The specialists of the MHSD of RK help to Pavlodar doctors treat patients infected with anthrax


Today in Astana has arrived the Director of Department of medical care of MHSD of RK Bauryzhan Baiserkin and doctors from Astana to provide counseling and medical care for the treatment of patients with anthrax. July 10, from the capital were sent brigade of the Republican center of air ambulance, composed of infectious disease physician and nephrologist-efferentia.

According to the Department of healthcare of Pavlodar oblast in the period from 8 to 9 July of this year in the regional infectious diseases hospital admitted 3 patients with a diagnosis of "Presumptive case of anthrax, skin form" of Irtyshsk village of Irtysh region. This diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory tests in all patients. The condition of one of them in the dynamics of stably heavy, two - moderate severity. Patients receive all necessary treatment.

Found that men contracted the disease through forced slaughter of sick cows produced on June 27 in Uzynsu village of Irtysh area. The meat of the animal for 117 kg was put in a cafe "Mayra" v. Irtyshsk without veterinary expertise and the relevant documents, and subsequently used to prepare a funeral dinner, which was attended by 51 people.

As at July 12 identified 96-contacted person by anthrax:

24 people– hospitalized in Irtysh central regional hospital;

65 people are on outpatient in Irtysh central regional hospital;

5 people are monitored as outpatient in clinics # 2, 3, 4 in Pavlodar.

2 persons – citizens of the Russian Federation, left the territory of Kazakhstan.

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