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The information about that specialists of the MHSD of RK recommends to use "INTOXIC" and "ALKBARRIER" drugs which spreading on the Internet, is a fake


The information decorated in the form of interview with the Chairman of the Board of JSC "National scientific medical center" of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social development of Kazakhstan (further – MHSD of RK) Abay Baygenzhin about effectiveness of antiparasitic funds "INTOXIC" for the treatment and prevention of several diseases, with head of the laboratory of hemodynamics and electrophysiology of the heart of the National research cardiac surgery center Abdrakhmanov Ayan and head of the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care Medical University of Astana Aidos Konkayev about effectiveness of the drug "ALKOBARRIER" for the treatment of alcoholism, spreading through banners with viral advertising from world search server on some Internet portals, as well as through active links through social networks and instant messengers is a fake.

This information is generated by an unknown source and is unreliable.

Specialists, specified in the information never gave such interview.

Advertised in the material the preparations are not registered in Kazakhstan and do not have proven clinical efficacy, therefore, cannot be recommended by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan for application.

All drugs with proven clinical efficacy made in the Kazakh national drug formulary, which is available at the link

We remind, all reliable and timely information regarding the activities of the MHSD of Kazakhstan published on the official website

Changed on 11 August, 2016 - 16:35
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