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In Almaty the experts discuss the issues of development of domestic transplantology and surgery


From 19 to 21 October 2016 in the city of Almaty hosts international conference "achievements and prospects of development of the surgical service of the Republic of Kazakhstan", devoted to 25-anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, which discussed current issues in transplantation, modern methods of emergency (urgent) surgical care; new trends in interventional cardiology, Arrhythmology, angiosurgery.

The event was organized by the National scientific center of surgery named. Participation Of A. N. Syzganov of the Ministry of health and social development of the RK (hereinafter NSSC), more than 500 doctors and Top 50 foreign experts from 20 countries of near and far abroad.                                    

During the event, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of health Aida Kurmangaliyeva of the RK made a welcoming speech on behalf of the Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova, which stressed that the national scientific center of surgery named after. A. N. Syzganov is one of the leading clinics for the development of surgical and transplant nursing.

"In 2015, of the 298 68 transplants were conducted in NRSC them.  A. N. Syzganov also there were about 5 thousand surgical operations, provided surgical care to more than 4 million patients. Today, the center successfully introduces innovations aimed at providing skilled and quality care to regional hospitals and a decrease in mortality among the citizens", - noted in his welcoming speech, Tamara Duysenova.

According to the Minister, the conference will become an effective platform for generating new approaches and solutions in the provision of surgical care to the population of Kazakhstan will contribute to strengthening ties between the two countries in the sphere of healthcare, improve quality and increase life expectancy of the population.

Chief surgeon of the MHSD of the RK, Chairman of the NRSC them. A. N. Syzganov, academician Bolat Baimakhanov believes that the conference will demonstrate the level of surgery development in Kazakhstan.

"Presently we have 155 liver transplantations, including children up to year 11, 720 kidney transplants, introduced modern surgical methods for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, modern methods in the field of plastic surgery to prevent disability and prolong the lives of patients", - said Bolat Baimahanov.

On the eve of the conference of the NRSC on the basis of them..N. Syzganov workshops for cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology, hepatopancreato-biliary surgery, liver transplantation, surgery of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract, Nephrology, renal transplantation, with the participation of renowned experts O. Alfieri (Italy), A. Bogachev–Prokofiev (Russia), Кengo Кanateka  (Japan),  Bolat Baimahanov(Kazakhstan), etc.

Later, local surgeons will be able to apply the experience gained from foreign experts, in their clinical practice.

At the end of the conference the best experts received letters of thanks on behalf of the Minister.

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