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T. Duysenova and the staff of the MHSD RK expressing condolences to the family of V. Minina


The Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova and the staff of the Ministry expressed sincere condolences to the relatives of Victoria Minina, which is being treated at the National scientific center of motherhood and childhood (further - NRCMCH), died without regaining consciousness.

In total, the girl was treated at NRCMCH 87 days (from 27 August 2016) with a primary clinical diagnosis of "severe Concomitant injury in consequence of sexual violence. Anoxic and metabolic brain damage. Coma of 3 degrees". Since admission the child, severity of condition, was in the Department of pediatric anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care. The breath was carried out by the ventilator.

The doctors did everything possible to save Victoria. Medical aid the child was under the permanent control of the MHSD of the RK. However of October 20, domestic experts together with colleagues from the research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology in Moscow stated the death of the brain stem of the patient.

During hospitalization, were organized numerous consultations by renowned doctors from Russia, USA, great Britain, Poland and Israel. All the experts made a conclusion that in the present state of the world, there are no methods that allow expecting the return of the functions of the nervous system.

The girl's life supported before, until her body completely stops responding to hardware life-support system

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