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In 2017, more than 21 thousand unemployed and self-employed young Kazakhstanis will be free to study the field of workers

labor market

About that is today at the briefing in the MLSP RK "on the results of the program "employment Road map 2020" and a new program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship," said Vice-Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov.

At the beginning of his speech, he noted that a new Program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship (hereinafter - the program) provided: mass training and skills in occupations in demand and the basics of entrepreneurship, creation of conditions for mass entrepreneurship, development of labor market through the promotion of employment and support labor mobility.

"Within the first direction of the program will be organized free vocational training on the basis of the colleges with a training period to 2.5 years, especially for young people who after finishing school are not enrolled in educational institutions. This year it is planned to extend technical and vocational education more than 21 thousand young people of Kazakhstan. In addition, the colleges, training centers of the RPE "Atameken" and the training centers of the enterprises will be conducted short-term vocational training courses (1 to 6 months). Such training this year will cover 26 thousand people," - said Vice-Minister.

The second direction of the program conditions will be created for the stimulation and development of mass entrepreneurship in rural areas and in cities.

"Loans will be granted up to 18 million tenge, with maturity up to 7 years and save annual rates for the loan at 6%. Another new measure aimed at expanding the availability of credit is the introduction of the mechanism of loan guarantee: up to 85% for start-up entrepreneurs and up to 50% for existing. Microcredit in rural areas and small towns will be implemented through the Fund of financial support of agriculture with the involvement of microfinance institutions. Microcredit in the cities will be implemented through second-tier banks and microfinance organizations, on the same terms as in the countryside. This year it is planned to give micro loans more than 10 thousand people", - said Birzhan Nurymbetov.

The entrepreneurship training will be conducted through the RPE "Bastau Business", with the assistance of special trainers and successful businessmen and practitioners. This year's training is scheduled to reach 15 thousand people.

The third area provides for increased targeted support in employment of certain categories of citizens, increase of mobility of labor resources and development of infrastructure of the labor market.

In particular, tools such as youth practice, social workplaces and public work is in demand among youth, women and persons with disabilities. On social jobs this year plans to employ more than 11.3 thousand people, on youth practice more than 12.7 thousand people.

To improve labor mobility provides for the provision of state support measures to persons who voluntarily relocated to the regions defined by the Government. The quota is determined annually by the internal resettlement taking into account the need in labor resources of regions and employers. To encourage the relocation will continue to use the current social package, including funds for initial adaptation and for reimbursement of expenses for travel and baggage. This year's planned subsidies for relocation 2.7 thousand citizens.

 In addition, the portal will create a single information base of the labor market (electronic labor exchange), which will bring together all data on vacancies and job seekers in the Internet space.

The implementation of the program in 2017, provided 85 billion.

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