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More than 22 million people in the Western Kazakhstan region covered by measures facilitating employment of the population in 2016.


In 2016, West Kazakhstan region within implementation of the Regional comprehensive plan to promote employment of government support measures covered 22 thousand 674 people from among the unemployed (20,3 thousand), and unproductive employees (2.4 thousand people), accounting for 77.2% of the total number of the unemployed and unproductive employed persons in the region.

Of them are employed:

- for projects within the public and governmental programs, programs of development of regions – 1 thousand 980 people;

- social workplaces will receive 1 thousand to 15 people;

- youth practice – 1 thousand 326 people;

- public works – 7 thousand 185 people;

- professional training – 1 211 thousand persons, from them 289 people aimed at teaching the basics of entrepreneurship;

- employed without application of measures of state support 9 thousand 527 persons;

- self-employed 40 people.

In addition, 390 people have received microcredit to open or expand their business.

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