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Kazakhstan will use the experience of advanced OECD countries in employment


In Astana on the basis of the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan was held the same seminar under the project "Review of policies for three groups: youth, older workers and the protection of vulnerable populations."

The purpose of the seminar – discussion the main results of the project with key international and local experts from government agencies and other stakeholders before final publication.

"Together with experts from the OECD has done a great job. Final report expected at the end of June this year. Of course the topic is very relevant. In Kazakhstan in the field of employment are accepted by a special program, the situation on the labor market is stable. Nevertheless, the employment of separate categories of citizens, especially young people, the elderly and individuals with disabilities is always in our control. We therefore hope that the result of this joint work will be specific recommendations to the Government on the review of international experience, studying national law and, in the end, it will affect the effective implementation of additional measures to promote employment of the above-mentioned categories of citizens", - said at the opening of the same workshop, Deputy Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov.

 In the event, took part heads of departments of the MLSPP RK, specialists of the Directorate for employment and social Affairs, OECD, national coordinator International labor organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of the National chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, non-governmental organizations, the Asian development Bank and the European Bank for reconstruction and development, etc.

 The project is based on the work of the OECD over the last decade in the field of youth employment, employment policy for older workers and targeted social support for people with disabilities.

In Kazakhstan, one of the pressing issues is the provision of jobs for certain categories of citizens experiencing difficulties in employment. Young people, people approaching retirement age and the disabled.

In this regard, in the framework of the project on the basis of best practices of the OECD will develop recommendations that are applicable to Kazakhstan.

 The main outcome of the study should be a package of proposed employment arrangements, and institutional arrangements that form a favorable environment for employment of these categories of the population.

The recommendations will be used for policy development, the provision of jobs and will provide more employment opportunities for the elderly, youth and persons with disabilities.

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