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In Kazakhstan, for the right to hire foreign professionals, employers paid into the budget of 3.2 billion tenge this year

foreign labor

In order to protect the domestic labor market, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016, the quota was established to attract to the Republic for foreign specialists is 0.7% of the economically active population that is 63 thousand units (in 2017, the quota amounted to 54 thousand units, or 0.6%).

According to the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova: “for 5 months 2017 local Executive authorities issued and renewed 10 658 3 813 permits to employers for attracting foreign labor force to Republic of Kazakhstan, which paid a tax levy in the amount of 3.2 billion tenge. At the beginning of 2017 in the Republic acted 29.3 thousand permits for attracting foreign labor force, of which 23.1 per thousand were employees 1-3 category 545 people involved as part of a corporate transfer.

As of may 1, 2017 was issued by 28.5 thousand permits, of which 77% were issued to professionals 1-3 category. 3 768 companies that have attracted foreign labor, working 470,4 thousand Kazakhstan citizens that is about 94 % of the total number of employees.”

Employers attracting foreign labor force in 2016 for Kazakhstan citizens created 16 259 jobs. In the past year 1 091 employee professional training, carried out refresher training 5427 local workers, 249 Kazakh workers have been trained and 11 foreign experts are replaced by Kazakhstani personnel.

By the way, with the purpose of realization of the Plan "100 steps", the Law also envisages the creation of favourable migration regime for example USA, Canada, Australia to attract highly qualified specialists from abroad. Thus, from 1 January 2017 changed the procedure for attraction of foreign labor, self-employment and intra-corporate transfer.

Foreign specialists arriving in Kazakhstan, had the opportunity of self-employment on the basis of certificates of compliance with the qualification within 3 months at any place of work on qualification of professions, which are marked in the list of popular professions in priority sectors of the economy. A foreigner passes through a point system that assesses education, experience, practical experience and other parameters to confirm his qualifications.

Kazakhstan has introduced a new simplified regime to attract foreign labor, according to which the terms of issuance of work permits and revoked administrative requirements for employers in the form of special conditions, the search in the labor market and the introduction of the guarantee fee for foreign workers. Instead of these requirements employers have to pay a tax levy.

Under WTO commitments, intra-corporate transfers are made outside of the quota, but by permission. Such permits will now be issued free of charge, through the web portal of "electronic government",

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