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Protection of children is one of the key directions of the national policy of Kazakhstan

Protection of the rights and protection of the legitimate interests of families with children is one of the main directions of national policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To date, the country built a national system of support for families with children, including a number of state benefits and payments.

In particular, to stimulate the birth rate and facilitating the education of children in the family, in 2003 introduced allowances for child birth and since 2006 - benefits for child care up to one year, the dimensions of which are considered depending on the number of children in the family. Over the last 10 years (2007-2017). the amount of the allowance on the birth of a child increased 7.3 times (from 16 380 tenge to KZT 118 783), the allowance for child care has increased by 4.1 times (from 4 to 914 tenge 20 tenge 195).

In addition, since 2008, introduced payments upon the occurrence of social risks in case of loss of income in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, caring for a child reaches one year of age. These payments are made at the expense of the State Fund for social insurance for working people, and their size is 40 % of the average wage.

2014 introduced subsidies for compulsory pension contributions for working women who are on leave to care for a child until the child reaches one year. This contributed to the positive growth of the birth rate. During the period from 2006 to 2016, the annual absolute number of born children increased 1.4 times (from 301 to 409 756 948 children).

The state also provides support to mothers of large families. In particular, receive a special state benefit, awarded pendants "Altyn Alka", "Kumis Alka" or got before the rank "Mother-heroine", awarded the order "Maternal glory" I or II degree, families with four and more minor children. Benefits for them for 10 years has increased 3.2 times compared with 2007 (4 259 tenge in 2007 to 14 522 tenge in 2017). Allowances for large families in 10 years increased 2.4 times (from KZT 4 017 in 2007 to 9 440 tenge in 2017).

Special attention is paid to families raising children with disabilities. In addition to state social (SSA) and the special state allowances (SSA) disability children with disabilities (in 2007 the SSA – 983 tenge, SSA – 8 861 tenge, in 2017, SSA – 2 179 tenge, SSA – a 32 042 KZT, an increase of SSA in 2.2 times, SSA 3.6 times), since 2010, parents, guardians and adoptive parents who are raising a disabled child, until they reach the age of majority, receive a state allowance in the amount of 1.05 minimum wage 25 682 tenge in 2017. In addition, an allowance for reimbursement for homeschooling parents and other legal representatives of children with disabilities by the decision of local representative bodies. (in 2007 the average size RK 2 202 tenge, in 2017 – 5 387 tenge, an increase of 2.4 times).

In support of needy families receives a monthly state allowance for children under 18 years families with income below the food basket (60% of the subsistence minimum) for each child. For the period from 2007 to 2017, the number of recipients decreased in 1.3 times (from 292 to 576 721 118 children). Also, the state provides targeted social assistance to families with per capita income below the poverty line (40% of the subsistence minimum). For the period from 2007 to 2017, the number of recipients of targeted social assistance fell by 17.5 times (505 060 783 to 28 people.) that shows a positive dynamics of the output of the low-income families out of poverty.

Recall that according to the instructions of the President in the Message, "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness", January 1, 2018 will introduce a single benefit, targeted social assistance the new format. The benefit will combine three existing social benefits for low-income families is a special state benefit for families with 4 and more children, the state child allowance for children up to 18 years and targeted social assistance.

Targeted social assistance, the new format will be available to families with incomes below 50% of the subsistence minimum in the form of unconditional and conditional cash transfers, taking into account the presence in the family of able-bodied family members, and also subject to mandatory participation in employment promotion measures, according to the social contract. Thus, irrespective of the participation of able-bodied family members in active employment promotion measures, children will be paid to social support.

Special attention of the state on social protection and medico-pedagogical correctional support of children with disabilities.

Children with disabilities in accordance with the individual rehabilitation program includes: Spa treatment, special vehicles, technical auxiliary (compensatory) means and obligatory hygienic means, services of invataxi. The Ministry annually updating and expanding the inventory of technical auxiliary (compensatory) means.

Proved its effectiveness introduced with the 2009 model of special social services, directed on conservation of the needy person in the family and creation of conditions for its integration into society. Currently, the provision of services in terms of equipment at home is an alternative to the current network of hospital organizations and aimed at preserving child in the family.

In Kazakhstan, there are 53 organizations of day stay, including for children with disabilities, which provided services for 1.2 million children. In these offices, the children receive the qualified help of psychologists, speech pathologists, speech therapists, instructors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and other specialists. By the end of 2016, thanks to the work of these offices, nursing homes returned to family 626 children and 693 mothers of children with disabilities were able to find a job.

We will remind that on behalf of the head of state, from January 1, 2017, the size of the lump-sum allowance on the birth of a child increased by 7%, and from 1 July 2017, they will be increased another 20 % (which generally will lead to increased benefits by 27% in 2017).

In addition, according to the Message the people of Kazakhstan "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness", from 1 January 2018 will be revised subsistence minimum. This will increase the size of base pensions, benefits for disabled people, families, survivors, targeted assistance and allowances for raising disabled children. As expected, the increase of the subsistence minimum in 2018 will amount to 16% compared with the 2017 year.

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