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Employees of the Ministry provided expert assistance to colleagues from Kazygurt district of SKO


From 26 July this year in South Kazakhstan region started in the Days of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population.

Representatives of the Ministry of work has begun with the Kazygurt district in the first half of the day, a meeting was held with the population in the akimat of Kazygurt district, which was attended by 172 people.

 Members of the working group during the meeting told the residents about the current pension system of Kazakhstan, as well as upgrades, which include improved pensions and benefits by 20% this year, the gradual increase in the retirement age for women in 2018, a change in the criteria for the assignment of the basic pension, the introduction of a 5% compulsory pension contributions of the employer.

In addition, employees from the Department explained the possibilities of the state support measures on ensuring employment of the population and the main reforms in the sphere of social assistance, provided assistance in applying for vacant jobs, including the direction of the free training in the technical and industrial training.

Representatives of JSC "State Fund of insurance payments", JSC "State annuity company" were explained the main provisions of the social insurance system and mandatory insurance of employees in case of an accident in the workplace.

After the meeting, employees of the Ministry of labor and social protection was carried out reception of citizens.

Residents raised the issues of calculating pensions, calculation of seniority in the appointment of basic pension, frequency of payment of pension contributions in the case of an incorrect payment periods, is also one of the applicants of citizens had voiced the question of non-payment of employer pension contributions for two years and payment of maternity allowances was discussed separately medical insurance.

Held podvorovoy the bypass 12 women's retirement age. As a result, one of the women expressed a desire to be employed on public works, and another woman took courses in the framework of the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship and preparing the relevant documents for opening IE.

During personal reception the resident r. d. Kazygurt alone raising 5 children, the youngest of whom is 3 years, received comprehensive assistance in the organization of the payment of targeted social assistance. In addition, was carried out podvorovoy bypass low-income families participating in the project “Orleu”. During Podoroga bypass explained new approaches of targeted social assistance, as well as collected the participants ' opinions about the effectiveness of the project “Orleu”, their comments and suggestions on the project.

Leading experts of the Ministry was carried out in the Center of employment of the population of Kazygurt district to demonstrate to the employment Center staff modern standards of reception of citizens on questions of employment and meetings with visitors.

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