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Employees of the Ministry of labour and social protection of the population visited the Munaily district of the Mangystau region

the Munaily district

In the second day of action "MLSPP RK  in the Mangystau region" experts of the Ministry was carried out in the Munaily district of the region.

In the course of check-out specialists, the meeting was organized with the population in the district House of culture, where he explained the main reforms in the sphere of pension and social security, the implementation of the Program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship, where it was covered by about 200 people. After the meeting was held a personal reception of citizens.

In the course of personal reception of 6 people applied for resettlement under the Program of productive employment (for 2 families in Kostanai, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan region). Recommended to the district Centre employment to spend with these citizens of the preparatory work on the organization of their move. 2 citizen, who arrived from Uzbekistan, raised the question of pensions for years of service, which explained the features of the pension legislation of Kazakhstan and submitted their information in the defense MD and the interior MIA of RK. Also during the reception, asked a resident. Daulet - mother of many children, where questions were raised about the disability of the wife and financial aid. The recommended Committee, Department of labor, social protection and migration in Mangystau region to hold a meeting of medico-social examination, and when indicated to conduct a survey, Department of employment and social programs, it is recommended to conduct a survey of the material situation of the family and to consider the appointment of state child allowance for children up to 18 years.

Next was visited the district office of the State Corporation "Government for citizens", the Center of employment of the population. It should be noted, the Corporation has a private sector provision of social services (2 Windows), employees given guidelines.

The employment center has good material facilities (the building meets the requirements, have the necessary information and handout). With the employees held a meeting where they discussed the progress of work to determine the status of citizens on the implementation of the pilot project "Orleu" and a Program of productive employment, as well as transformation of the Centre.

For seven months of current year participants of the project "Orleu" in the area were 89 families consisting 473. During this period, in the framework of the Program of productive employment employed 726 people. However, MLSPP  it was noted that these indicators are not sufficient.

In Munaily district is home to 106 women born in 1960, which conducted the work on identification of persons wishing to find employment, 39 of them employed, 10 expressed a willingness to work. CEP requested to assist in their employment. .

In addition experts of the labour MLSPP held podvorovoy bypass low-income families, participants of the project "Orleu" and women born in 1960 in the village of Kiziltepe. During Podoroga bypass the citizens explained the new initiatives in the social and labour sphere.

Visited a sewing workshop organized by the participant of the Program of productive employment, which received a loan in the amount of 3 million tenge, and created 9 new jobs. She organized the sewing of national clothes. Local authorities were encouraged to assist in the organization of a market for the finished product.

Akim of the district handed over the data 6 enterprises, which allowed the reduction of transfer of compulsory pension contributions and social contributions.

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