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About the contest "Enbekzholy"

Competition " Enbekzholy " determines the best labor dynasties and production workers, with the purpose of educating youth in the spirit of respect for work, the conservation and enhancement of labor traditions.

The competition promotes the improvement of the status of the working Man in society and promoting productivity under the auspices of the "Society of universal labor".

The purpose of the "Yenbek Zholy" contest (hereinafter - the Contest):

1) ensuring effective implementation of the program article of the Head of State "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: twenty steps towards a society of universal labor", continuity of generations;

2) the formation of a positive public opinion about people working and creating conditions for the formation of new labor dynasties in enterprises and organizations;

3) education of Kazakhstanis pride for the achievements of compatriots who made a significant labor contribution to the development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 All employees of the enterprise can participate in the Competition (regardless of the industry).

 The competition consists of 3 nominations:

1) "The best labor dynasty" - the most numerous dynasties with the longest working experience, having the greatest number of awards, is chosen.

Representatives of labor dynasties in organizations of all forms of ownership can take part in the competition.

A labor dynasty is a group of workers of one organization representing two or more generations of close relatives of one family (one or both spouses in conjunction with children or grandchildren) who is currently working and has a total record of work for the enterprise at least 20 years. The head of the dynasty is a representative of the labor dynasty, who earlier started all working activity.

The labor dynasty should take an active part in the social life of the villages, the district (city, region), promote the vocational guidance of young people, and promote their profession.

2) "The Best Young Production Worker" - the most active and industrious worker of production with the length of service no more than 5 years is chosen;

3) "The best mentor of working youth" - the most highly effective mentor with at least 20 years of experience is chosen.

 The competition is held in 2 stages:

Stage 1 is carried out at the regional level:

1) online voting, which will determine the top three for each nomination, which have received the maximum number of votes;

2) the regional commission's determination of the winners of the regional stage of the "Yenbek Zholy" contest, among the three leaders determined by the results of the online voting;

The 2nd stage is held at the republican level among the winners of the relevant region, the capital, the city of the republican significance:

1) online voting on the site of the MLSPP of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which will determine the top three for each nomination, which have received the maximum number of votes;

2) the Republican Commission determines the winners of the republican stage of the "Yenbek Zholy" contest, among the three leaders determined by the results of the online voting.

The solemn ceremony of awarding is held on the day of the Republican forum "To the Society of General Labor" on October 27 this year in Astana.

The following documents are submitted for participation in the competition:

1) application for participation in the competition in an arbitrary form with the indication of the nomination;

2) a copy of the identity card;

3) video on the topic of nomination no more than 1-3 minutes (with a demonstration of the workplace and skills, if desired);

4) computer presentation 1-3 minutes (in Microsoft PowerPoint format) about the contestant (work, family, hobby, hobby, etc.);

5) a copy of the work record card and other documents confirming the work experience of each representative of the labor dynasty or employee certified by the employer by the employer / certificate from the place of work;

6) a letter of recommendation from the employer or the trade union;

7) information with a brief biography, a video containing the appeal of each contestant with a call to vote.

If available (copies of the following documents):

copies of state or departmental awards, letters of commendation, letters of appreciation

certificates of professional development (if available).

Documents for the competition are submitted in the state or Russian languages.

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