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Methodical recommendations for the contest "Yenbek Zholy"

1. General provisions

1. The present guidelines reglementary the order of organization and holding of the Republican contest " Enbekzholy " and allow you to determine the best labor dynasties and roboticassisted, with the purpose of educating youth in the spirit of respect for work, the conservation and enhancement of labor traditions. The competition will enhance the status of the working Man in society and stimulating the performance of work under the auspices of the "Society of universal labor".

2. Callproperty contest " Enbekzholy " (hereinafter – Contest):

1) ensuring the effective implementation of the program article of the head of State "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: twenty steps to society of universal labor", the preservation of continuity of generations;

2) formation of positive public opinion about the working people and the creation of conditions for the formation of a new labor dynasties at the enterprises and organizations;

3) the development of Kazakhstani pride in the achievements of compatriots who have made a significant contribution to development of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. The Competition is open to all employees (regardless of industry). Information about Competition should be placed in all media.

4. The competition consists of 3 categories:

1) "the Best labor dynasty" - select the largest dynasties the longest seniority, with the highest number of awards.


In competition can take part the representatives of labor dynasties in the organizations of all patterns of ownership.

Labor dynasty – a group of workers of the same organization representing two or more generations of close relatives of the same family (one or both of the spouses together with their children or grandchildren) who work in the present and having the total experience in the enterprise not less than 20 years. The head of the dynasty recognized the representative of the labor dynasty, before entering into the labor force.

Labor dynasty needs to take an active part in public life of village, district (city, region), to promote professional orientation of young people to promote their profession.

2) "Best young worker of production" - that is, the most active and hardworking production worker with experience of not more than 5 years;

3) "the Best mentor of young workers" - that is, the most highly effective mentor with experience of not less than 20 years.

5. The competition is held in 2 stages:

Stage 1 is conducted at the regional level:

1) determine the best labor dynasties and rabotkina city and district levels;

2) the winners of the respective area, capital, cities of Republican values are among the best labor dynasties and workers in urban and rayonnogosuda;

Stage 2 is carried out at the national level among pobeditelnitsa area, capital, cities of Republican values:

1) is represented by videoroliki presentation pobeditelyami areas of the capital, city of Republican significance;

2) studied are presented материалынапобедителейсоответствующей area, capital, cities of Republican significance.

6. The awarding ceremony is held on the day of the Republican forum "Toward Universal labor Society" of the current year in Astana.

2. The competition Commission

7. For the selection of winners at the regional level, contest Commission is created under the local authorities (hereinafter, Regional Board) and the Commission of the Ministry of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – national Commission).The Republican Commission has the right to involve external experts to review documents and conduct stages of the Republican contest.

8. Criteria for selection of the winners of the Competition are specified in the Annex to these guidelines.

9. The Republican Commission shall be composed of employees of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also representatives of Republican associations of trade unions (to be agreed) and the National chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" (in agreement).

The regional commissions should consist of employees of managements of coordination of employment and social programs of the state labor Inspectorate of regions, cities of Astana and Almaty, and also representatives of territorial associations of trade unions (to be agreed), and regional chambers of entrepreneurs (by agreement). From the Republican and Regional commissions shall be elected Chairman and Secretary.

10. The Chairman of the Commission directs its activities and overall control. In case of disputes, when making Commission decisions, the vote of the Chairman is decisive.

11. The Secretary is involved in making Commission decisions and performs maintenance activities of the Commission:

1) acceptance of documents of the contestants;

2) the organization of meetings of the Commission;

3) prepare minutes of the meetings of the Commission and the results of the contest will generate materials for the winners of the contest;

4) send the materials to the winners in the national Commission.

12. The Commission's decision is taken by open ballot and in the Protocol.

13. Applications for participation in the Competition may be granted from the date of publication of advertisement in the media.

14. The contest participants can be notified about acceptance of the documents referred to in paragraph 17 of these guidelines.

15. The contestants, having received the highest number of points shall have a priority right to determine their winners.

16. The Republican Commission on results of voting determines the winners, with the highest number of points.

3. The documents to be submitted for regional and national competition

17. To participate in the competition the following documents:

1) an application for participation in competition in any form with indication of the nomination;

2) copy of identity card;

3) the video on the topic of nominationa more than 1-3mins (with a demonstration of the workplace and skills, if desired);

4) computer presentation 1-3 minutes (format MicrosoftPowerPoint) about a contestant (work, family, hobby, etc.);

5) copy of labor book and other documents confirming work experience of each representative of the labor dynasty or employee approved by the employer employer/certificate of employment;

6) letter of recommendation from employer or Union.

(Copies of the following documents):

copies of state or departmental awards, certificates, thank you letters

certificates of qualification (if available).

The tender documents shall be submitted into the state or Russian languages.


The Annex to the methodological

the recommendations for conducting

contest " Enbekzholy "

Criteria for the selection of winners of competition " Enbekzholy "

In the nomination "the Best labor dynasty":

1. the number of state or departmental awards and certificates, letters of local authorities, trade unions, employers, received by all members of the dynasty;

2. the total number of family members and their relatives who are representatives of the dynasty;

3. the General seniority of the members of the profession from the date of commencement of employment of the head of the dynasty prior to the date of submission of documents for participation in the second stage of the Competition).

In the nomination "Best young worker of production", "Best mentor of young workers":

1. Contribution to the development of their professional skills;
2. The honesty towards their work;
3. The presence of organizational and communicative qualities;
4. The presence of numerous rewards for work (diplomas, certificates, appreciation);
5. The presence of the action proposals;
6. The creative interests outside of professional activities;
7. Level of education desire for their improvement;
8. Personal achievements in the workplace;
9. The quality of their work.

In the case of non-compliance of the above criteria, the Commission may return the participants presented the materials.

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