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Youth practice

The problem of youth unemployment paid much attention to the program "employment Road map 2020", where young people are identified as a priority target group. For the whole period of implementation of the roadmap of employment covered by state support measures more than 388 thousand people among the youth, which is more than 48% of its privateers (797 thousand). One of the problems with employment of the active part of young people who have completed secondary or higher education institution is the issue of employment on the first job.

This is due to the fact that employers, when hiring preference for more experienced staff, having the experience of work and specific practical skills.

To solve this problem in our employment Programs feature "youth practice", which has good demand among young people. Its essence lies in the fact that the employment agencies negotiate with employers on creation of temporary jobs outside of your state for graduates, and guide graduates according to their acquired specialty, where they'll be six months getting practical skills in their field, get paid through our Program and this period is counted in the seniority.

In turn, the employer cost is not responsible, but gets the possibility of selecting themselves the personnel among working graduates.

For the entire period of implementation of the ERM 2020 (2011-2016.) 91 thousand young graduates have used this opportunity, of which 64% after the "youth practice" employed on permanent jobs, mainly in those companies where it took place.

We continue the use of this tool and to provide more incentives participation increased the wage from 18 to 25 MCI (or 38 thousand to 56.7 thousand tenge per month).

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