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In the Majilis presented a draft law on employment and migration


Today Majilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan the Ministry of labor and social protection presented the draft law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of employment and migration".

The main provisions of legislative innovations was made by Vice-Minister of labor and social protection of population Birzhan Nurymbetov.

"Development of the bill due to individual requests and decisions of the President. So, the Message to the people of Kazakhstan "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness," the President instructed to modernize the labor market. To improve the tools of state support of employment was requested at the enlarged Cabinet meeting on 9 September 2016. The decree "On further improvement of state administration system of Kazakhstan", which reallocated the functions and competencies in the field of migration of the Ministry of national economy, interior, labor and social protection of the population – said the Deputy Minister.

The draft Law provides: first, the modernization of the employment service. Prescribed information base "Electronic labor exchange", which today is in operation. However, the adjustment will affect some of the provisions of the Labor code. And demarcated functions in the field of migration.

Modernization of employment services involves significant changes in the employment centres. Now they will not be kept due to the budget, and the state will place a state order on a competitive basis among employment centres and private employment agencies.

In this regard, the bill proposes the transfer of employment centres from public institutions in the municipal enterprise on the right of economic management.

From next year on the basis of competition among private employment agencies will accommodate lots of the employment and training of unemployed, including packages of services, e.g. training to employment.

At the same time, through the payment by employers of compulsory pension contributions will be implemented for the monitoring of employment.

The bill proposes to consolidate all information on vacancies and job seekers from all sources, including Chazy and web sites in a single Internet resource – "labor Exchange".

The creation of electronic exchange frees employers from the mandatory personal visit to their employment centers.

In search of work citizens can also contact the employment centres or post summary on the electronic labor exchange. To monitor the responses of employers it is possible independently, without waiting for proposals from the employment center.

In addition, the draft Law provides for the empowerment of student participation in community service. Eliminated excessive demands on employers. Abolished from the Code of administrative offences regarding the provision by the employer to the employment centers of the information about the number of trainees.

Adjustments also referred to norms of the Labor code. It is proposed to notify the employee on termination of employment after reaching retirement age.

In addition, it is proposed to lift the ban on concurrent employment of the healthcare workers engaged in work with harmful working conditions.

In accordance with the decree of the President of RK from December 30, 2016 function for the formation of state policy in the sphere of migration transferred from the MNE in the MLSPP, and functions of interagency coordination and implementation of state policy in the sphere of migration from the Ministry of the interior.

In this regard, envisaging amendments to the Laws "On migration of population" and "On internal Affairs bodies" in the part of competences of these state bodies.

At the same time the Law "On migration of population" also made a clarifying amendment providing for extension of coverage of immigrants with emphasis on the "family members" at the stage of formation of regional quotas for the admission of displaced persons and repatriates by the local Executive bodies.

Overall, the Bill provides for amendments to the 4 5 Codes and Laws.

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