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The issues of industrial safety were discussed at the regular meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

meeting of the Government

Since the beginning of year state inspectors of work has been carried out over 7,700 inspections, which revealed 2890 violations in the field of safety and labor protection.

In connection with threat of life and health of the workers suspended the work of 20 organizations and industrial facilities, from office released 230 officials. These and other indicators in the field of safety and labor protection during the session of the Government, announced the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova.

Today more than 1 400 companies in the country implemented the standards for safety and labor protection recommended by the international labor organization. Created more than 12 thousand industrial councils, composed of representatives of employers and workers.

Today, more than 130 employers were holders of trust certificates, and for three years was excluded from the list of enterprises subject to a planned inspection. This became possible due to implementation of voluntary Declaration of employer compliance activities to the requirements of labor legislation.

Strengthened management requirements for the certification of production objects on working conditions. Certification is carried out only by specialized organizations with accredited testing laboratory.

"As a result of comprehensive measures taken by government bodies and employers, remains a positive trend for creating a safe work environment to employees. For 2016 the number of victims on production compared to the year 2015 fell by 2.4% – said the Minister of labor and social protection of population Tamara Duissenova.

Traditionally traumatic are the construction industry (16.0 per cent) and mining and metallurgical complex (15%), where deemed unsatisfactory condition of the facilities, buildings and equipment.

In the regional context in the first nine months of this year, the highest injury rates in manufacturing are stored in Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda regions, where are mainly located the industrial enterprises of the Republic.

Today the country is working to upgrade safety standards and labor protection in accordance with international requirements.

According to the Minister, within the framework established in the Ministry of the expert group until the end of the year will be developed proposals aimed at improving the quality of certification on working conditions, as well as, on improvement of the procedure of investigation of accidents, in terms of determining the relationship of the accident with work and the establishment of a mixed responsibility of the parties (employer and employee).

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