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New approaches in the field of labor relations designated in the General agreement

New approaches

Under the new Agreements clearly defined as the Union of employers and workers in the field of safety and labor protection, industrial and environmental safety, effective interaction of trade unions with employers, where the main priority is the preservation of life and health of workers.

Despite the overall reduction in injuries, each year more than a thousand (1 678) workers are injured on the production and about two hundred and fifty (244) die.

The costs of the various workers ' compensation for work in harmful labor conditions has increased from 78 billion tenge in 2012 to 100 billion tenge in 2016, or 28 percent.

However, over the past three years, the sphere of social and labor relations has significantly transformed. In the framework of the new Labor code clearly defines the boundaries of state intervention in the labor relations between the employer and the employee, taking into account the balance of interests of the parties.

To date, more than 8 thousand companies continue to pay 5 % of mandatory professional pension contributions in favor of 432 thousand workers employed in hazardous working conditions. Very often employers raise the question of the burden on business, but the reduction of certain costs relating to their economic losses "in their hands".

"Business should take steps to introduce an effective system of labor protection and occupational risk management" - concluded the Minister of labor Tamara Duissenova.

One of the problematic issues in the sphere of the responsibility of employers, the Minister called for wage arrears.

If last year's wage arrears identified in the amount of 3 billion tenge, today it is 2.2 billion.

The timely measures taken by the Government and local Executive bodies according to their maturity, warned the tensions in the workforce.

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