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Analytical reference to the report on public services in the 1st quarter 2018

Committee of Labor Social Protection and Migration (hereinafter - the Committee) is the state service "Issue of references to a foreigner or a stateless person on the relevant qualifications for self-employment." During the first quarter of 2018 this service was not rendered services.

Territorial departments of the Committee immediately of public services "Establishing a disability and / or degree of disability and / or definition of the necessary measures of social protection."

For the first quarter 2018 it was provided - 61 381 public services.

Complaints about the quality of public services was not.

Violations of the deadlines for public services for the first quarter 2018 was not.

On 12 Service Committee (11 services) provided by the territorial departments and branches of "SSIF" (1 service) documents are accepted through a non-profit joint-stock company "State Corporation" Government for Citizens " (Hereinafter - the State Corporation).

During the 1st quarter of 2018 provided services:

pensions and basic pension payment - 37.0 thousand cases (37 097).

- state social benefits - 15.2 thousand cases (15 203).

- special state benefits - 9.6 thousand cases (9600).

- special state aid - 28 cases;

- allowance on the birth and child care from the Republic of Belarus - 97.5 thousand cases (97 482).

- allowance for disabled child care - 3.0 thousand cases (3009).

- a lump sum in case of death - 24.5 thousand cases (24 477).

- state benefit mothers with many children, awarded pendants "Altyn Alka", "Kumis Alka" or previously received the title of "Mother Heroine", decorated with orders "Maternal Glory" and I of II degree - 1.5 thousand cases (1484).

- the payment of pension contributions, taking into account the level of inflation (state guarantee) - 20.3 tys.del (20 255);

- Social assistance in the form of monthly payments to the RK citizens after completion of the period of capitalization - 17 cases;

- social benefits of SSIF - 127.1 thousand cases (127 083)..

During the reporting period, the territorial departments of the Committee of the State Corporation employees have been only 423 activities on advocacy in the provision of public services.

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