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Recommendations on the basic requirements for the dress code of civil servants

In accordance with the Code of Ethics appearance of a public servant in the performance of his duties should help to strengthen the authority of the state apparatus, conform to generally accepted business style, which is distinguished by formality, restraint and accuracy.

Specifics of the public service has strict requirements for the appearance of modern civil servants. The appearance of a business person - this is the first step to success, because for the company, its appearance is the "code" indicates the degree of accuracy.

Business style - characterized by conservatism, austerity and restraint. This applies both to the choice of fabric - kind of color, cut, and accessories. Everything has to be clear and specific - shapes, lines and silhouettes. The clothes should not distract attention from the business as employees.

The main principles of business style are:

  • minimalism;
  • the ability not to stand;
  • harmoniously to look at any place where there is delovayaobstanovka - while working in the office, on serious negotiations in the conference room, etc.

Basic requirements for clothing - practicality, neatness, convenience and absence of the calling appearance. Clothing may vary some volume, that is not hamper movement, but at the same time allows you to look seriously. Depending on the time of year clothing may be of different colors and fabrics used in compliance with the requirements of rigor and elegance.

Color solutions in the clothes should fit the classic business style, excluded too bright colors, excessive diversity. The most suitable colors of the costumes and dresses are considered to be light or dark. Not recommended for use in clothes more than three primary colors simultaneously.

Impermissible in the clothes of the civil servant are torn or half-isolated buttons, crumpled suit, shirt stale, poorly knotted tie, unpolished shoes, Clothing and footwear for sports and beach-style décor, including denim and leather clothes, shorts, open sundresses, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers.

In winter it is recommended to use a removable shoes.

public servant shoes should be classic style shoes (unadorned) which constantly be kept clean.

Business style involves a suit consisting of a jacket and trousers or skirt and jacket, three-piece suit consisting of a jacket and waistcoat and trousers or skirt.

The assortment of classic wardrobe enough raznoobrazen.K women's clothing includes coats, dresses, jackets, cardigans, jackets, skirts and trousers, and blouses. For menswear range includes shirts, trousers classic style, jackets, vests, suits and others. The compatibility of all these things is universal, but to every thing imposed fairly strict requirements, which make it possible to attribute it specifically to the classical style.

Civil servants - women are advised not to wear a transparent blouse, through which shines lingerie, deep cleavage, mini skirts, trousers skinny figure.

For business attire fits accordingly simple and close to the natural make-up, it should not attract attention and evident. Suitable lipstick natural colors, bright colors are not permitted. Manicure in business style can be any color, the main thing that was a shade of dim and unobtrusive, hair color priblezhen to natural.

 Business style of civil servants and requires a minimum of accessories is simple lines cut, rigor, practicality and minimal trim.

However, these requirements are rekomenduemymii final decision should be taken every public servant independently based on the requirements of Ethics.

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