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Vice Minister NurzhanAltaev was a speaker open nationwide lecture «NUR OTAN LECTURES»


Lecture on "How to get a micro loan from the government and start their own business" was held May 19, 2018

As pointed out in his speech, the Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan NurzhanAltaev, a new step on the way of social modernization, focused on improving income and quality improvement of Kazakhstanis living in the current year was the fourth social initiative of the Head of State, aimed at expanding micro-credit in rural areas and cities.

Development of micro-credit is implemented within the second direction of the Program of development of productive employment and mass business in the years 2017-2021 and is the most effective mechanism for the development of a mass business.

The Program provides for the establishment of conditions for the mass of business, namely, the project "Bastau-Business", where applicants for loans are provided with free training in the basics of entrepreneurship, support the preparation of business plans, support in the implementation of the business project for up to 12 months and paid stipend of 16,759 tenge.

Applicants who have received a certificate of learning the basics of entrepreneurship, business process are evaluating projects and have the opportunity of microcredit:. In rural areas - up to 2.5 thousand MCI (6 mln) for the development of cooperation anchor - up to 5 thousand MCI (12 million.. tenge), cities and monotowns -. 6.5 thousand MCI (15 mln) in Astana, Almaty Aktau Atyrau - 8.0 thousand MCI (19 mln).

Vice Minister of NB Altana said that the project was successfully implemented in 2017. Thus, in 2017 we completed the training of 15 000 people, of which 3314 people received micro loans to start their own business.

This year, the project "Bastau-Business» $ 1.2 bn., And planned to train 30 thousand. Man. To date, training has completed 6728 people.

Recall that in 2018 in the microcredit program on behalf of the Head of State at the Fourth of social initiatives allocated an additional 20 billion. Tenge. Thus, the total amount of the budget amounted to 62 billion. Tenge. This will provide microcredit for more than 14 thousand. Man.

Furthermore, in 2017, in the program credits inserted guarantee mechanism gratis in an amount not exceeding 85% of the micro loan.

Also, in 2017 introduced amendments and additions to the program in terms of providing state grants for the implementation of new business ideas in the amount of up to 100 MCI (240 500 tenge).

In the current year provided for the issuance of more than 3 thousand state grants.

At the end of the lecture, Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population NurzhanAltaev noted that all programs implemented mechanisms to provide effective assistance to those in need in starting your own business, as well as in the employment of citizens.

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