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Labor Minister Madina Abylkasymova attended a meeting with the youth of Kostanay region

meeting with the youth

Within the framework of the working visit of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Sagintayev in Kostanay region in the educational center of "SSGPO" I held a meeting with students.

The central theme for discussion was "Five social initiatives of the President", the possibility of creating your business, the ability to navigate the modern life, adaptation to the labor market transformation.

During the discussion, and special attention was paid to the five megatrends of our time that the President of Kazakhstan outlined at the last last week Astana Economic Forum. The main one - the transformation of the global labor market. For enterprises it becomes important not cheap labor, and the level of staff. Routine physical work soon 80% may be replaced by robots. In the next decade under the risk of extinction falls from 10 to 50% of all existing professions.

On what challenges has accelerated technological modernization, and how to get prepared for those who soon will enter the labor market said Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova.

According to OECD estimates, 9% of jobs are at risk by 50-70% automation of labor functions. How to tell the Minister, Kazakhstan complication of jobs is expected in all industries, it is connected with the implementation of the Strategic Development Plan of the country till 2025, and the program "Digital Kazakhstan".

In this regard, the head of the department M.Abylkasymova recommended that representatives of the youth to pay attention to such an important time in the new competence as adaptability, data analytics, critical thinking, innovation, communication and digital skills. Also, special attention is paid to the necessity of training and self-development throughout their lives, which will help to remain competitive and to occupy new or complicated jobs.

"On behalf of the President, the youth without education today can get free education up to 6 months for occupations in demand in the labor market. Also, young people interested in starting a business can get the micro loans of up to 19 million tenge, up to seven years. For startups opened free courses for Entrepreneurship Education "Bastau-Business", which provides support for the preparation of business plans and support for business projects of up to 12 months, "- said the Minister.

M. Abylkasymova reminded the audience about the project "Youth Practice", in which young professionals gain experience of work for six months and are paid for by the state.

Simplify the job search process will help Electronic Labor Exchange, which provides information about employers and job seekers across the country, to which are connected all the 20 employment centers in the region.

In general, held the meeting showed that the implementation of Kostanay region "Five social initiatives of the President" is in full swing, put into action and show their effectiveness mechanisms for its implementation. Kostanay youth actively supports and wishes to participate in the implementation of large-scale government program "Digital Kazakhstan", as repeatedly stressed in the meeting students' speeches.

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