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Minister of Labor M.Abylkasymova told about actual tasks in the sphere of employment of Aktobe region

working visit to Aktyubinsk region

As part of the working visit to Aktyubinsk region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev held an offsite meeting with the region's assets and business representatives on the issues of project management of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Madina Abylkasymova reported on the direction of work in the sphere of productive employment, including the transfer of labor resources and tasks in the field of employment.

The main tasks to date to ensure employment and increase incomes in the Aktobe region are the creation of high-productivity jobs, the management of labor flows, the implementation of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship, the modernization of the labor market infrastructure, social security and the protection of workers' labor rights.

According to the forecast, the supply of labor in the region will grow. The additional inflow of labor into the labor market will be annually about 12 thousand people - they are graduates of educational institutions, as well as as a result of internal migration.

In this regard, it is important for the region not only to create new jobs, but also to improve their quality and to ensure management of the flow of labor resources from low-productivity to high-performance ones.

 "The small and medium business sector has a great potential in terms of employment. In this regard, to increase the incomes of the population, it is necessary to stimulate its development, "noted the head of the department.

Let's note, today one third of the employed regions (30.9% or 134.6 thousand people, on average in Kazakhstan - 36.6%) are working in the small and medium business sector.

The main tool for promoting employment is the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship.

For realization of the Program in Aktyubinsk region this year 7.3 billion tenge was allocated, measures of state support are planned to cover 32.5 thousand people. For today, the program participants were 18.9 thousand people. 16 thousand people were employed, including 9,4 thousand people (59%) for permanent work.

For the microcrediting of the population, taking into account the implementation of the fourth social initiative, the President nominated more than 4.9 billion tenge.

In addition, it was noted that special attention should be paid to youth. In the Aktyubinsk region, 2,500 people are unemployed aged 15-28. This year, 15,000 graduates will leave the school walls.

"It is necessary to take measures to encompass their training, including in the framework of free education in TVE," the minister summarized.

According to the Akimat of the Aktyubinsk region, as a result of modernization of enterprises and increase in productivity, there will be no reduction in personnel.

"At the same time, it is advisable to further develop this issue with all the large enterprises of the region, as well as to determine individual plans for coverage by measures of employment in case of possible release of employees," said Labor Minister M.Abylkasymova.

Also, as part of ongoing work to modernize the labor market, the minister recommended actively using the opportunities of the Electronic Exchange by the regional employment centers, working out mechanisms for cooperation with private employment agencies.

Let's note, this year the region should provide employment through private agencies of 596 people.

As part of ongoing work on social security of citizens, this year the coverage of low-income citizens with targeted social assistance today is 2.7 thousand families comprising 13.4 thousand people (22.4% of the plan).

66.8% of the number of able-bodied beneficiaries were involved in active forms of employment assistance.

In general, 950.6 million tenge is envisaged for the introduction of the new format in the Aktobe region. In this issue M. Abylkasymova stressed the need to ensure full coverage of able-bodied members of low-income families with active forms of employment promotion.

Within the existing wage arrears amounting to KZT 77.8 million in front of 179 employees, the head of the Ministry of Labor recommended strengthening the work of anti-crisis headquarters and tripartite commissions, setting strict schedules and terms of repayment of existing debts.

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