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In Astana, the Republican contest "The best social projects of Kazakhstan”

"The best social projects of Kazakhstan"

This year, the contest was organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and the Nur Otan Party.

During the event, there was an exhibition of all projects participating in the competition, and the official award ceremony.

The competition was held in such areas as equal opportunities, assistance in overcoming difficult life situations, the development of the volunteer movement in the social sphere, etc.

The competition allowed to look at the existing problem situations in the country through the eyes of those people who need support. The participants were 318 authors of projects from all over the country, which is two times more than last year.

"The exhibition of the best social projects has become an annual tradition. This year it reached the national level. The number of projects has increased significantly. There are many more people who every day contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people in difficult situations Within the framework of the new plan, we will try to switch to international standards for the quality of service provision, social support measures will be expanded, but without an active society, public organizations and each Khstanza we will not succeed "- said Madina Abylkasymova.

According to the results of the competition one winner was determined, two winners were awarded second and third place. At the same time, by the decision of the commission, 5 special prizes and 3 prizes were established for the authors of the projects that received the most votes in online voting.

First place was awarded to Rasim Temerbaev with the initiative "Free lunches for pensioners." The second places were given to the project of Kenzhebek Zhanabilov “Center for the Development of ART-therapy“ El-Nazy ”and the project of Nurbolat Karabasov“ Electrical installation - wheelchair-free life on a wheelchair ”.

Two third places were taken by the projects of Saniya Arapova “Meikaton“ TOM: Kazakhstan ”and Marzhan Radiyeva“ Umіt saulesі ”.

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