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The role and image of a public servant in society

Public service is the activity of civil servants in public bodies for the execution of official powers, aimed at the implementation of the tasks and functions of state power. The State Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan is designed to streamline public order, to ensure the integrity of state power and the realization of the interests of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In world civilization, the state sector in the life of society is put at the forefront. For public service, the image has a basic functional and status value. The image is a criterion for assessing the effectiveness of state management activities, an indicator of the level of people's trust. Currently, the state pays special attention to improving the image of public service. For the internal policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the directions of forming and strengthening the positive image of the civil service, the development of the state system are priorities. During the years of independence, Kazakhstan has achieved real achievements in its socio-economic, cultural and political development. In the formation of a highly professional civil service and an effective management structure, which is in the first place for our state, the main role is played by the level of professionalism of public servants. Head of State President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev noted the main traits of character and dignity that a civil servant should possess. These advantages are high moral responsibility, professional knowledge, ability to put them into practice, justice, honesty, active life position. Everyone in the public service must feel the significance of their work and must be a patriot. Forming the image of public service provides ideological, political and cultural aspects. The process of forming a positive image of a public servant is closely interrelated with the image policy of the executive. The main provisions for the formation of a positive image of a public servant are outlined in the Code of Honor of civil servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan: “public service is an expression of special trust from society and the state and places high demands on the morality and moral and ethical character of public servants”. Formation of a positive public service image is a difficult and long process. Everyone knows the work of a public servant and the principles of behavior. His authority is part of the authority of the government. Looking at the work of a particular civil servant and the general work of the heads of state bodies of all branches of power, the people assess the state as a whole. On the basis of this, it is possible to judge what high responsibility is placed on civil servants. Being a public servant is a high honor, therefore, along with professionalism, a public servant must have moral qualities. A candidate for the public service, aware of his responsibility to the people, should raise the image of the public service. A public servant must properly use power and his authority and must be honest. In the public service, he should not work for himself, but for public welfare, should not confuse his pocket with public funds. A civil servant must lead a lifestyle in full compliance with the requirements of the law. In any position, in all situations, the civil servant should work without losing the trust of the people, the citizens of his country.

Kazakhstan's civil servant should be an example of honesty, modesty, be able to behave in society, be able not only to lead the team but also be able to obey, along with the ability to demand from subordinates performance, he must have the ability to perform. In case of detection of violation of state interests or corruption, immediately suppress such facts and take the necessary measures.

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