Kurmangaliev Dynasty

Kurmangaliev Dynasty
The best labor dynasty
Pavlodar oblast
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It is difficult to imagine Chushkala and Zavodskoy forestry, their history without the Kurmangaliev family. The family dynasty of the Kurmangalievs has a total work experience in forestry 458 years. A dynasty was born in the Chushkala forest area of ​​the Shalday branch in the village of Near Buzan. It includes 25 members of the dynasty, consists of four generations.

The founder of the dynasty, Kurmangaliev Esmak Akimbaevich (1920-1989), was a front-line soldier, a participant in the Great Patriotic War. In 1943 he returned from the war after being seriously wounded and was sent to the distant cordon "Karachilik", worked as a forester in the Chushkala forestry - 40 years.

Son Kurmangaliev Caragul Esmakovich was born on May 9, 1953, in 1975 he graduated from the Kazakh Order of the Red Banner of Labor Agricultural Institute and began his career in the Chaldai mechanized forestry. Since 1976 - forester of the Chushkala forest area of ​​the Shalday branch. Experience in forestry for 42 years.

Forester labor is not the easiest, wages are not the highest. Young people go to remote forest villages not willingly, but thanks to such family dynasties small forest villages are preserved, instilled a love for the profession of a forester, a love for nature and a native land. The older generation is mentors for their children and grandchildren in the preservation and enhancement of forest wealth.

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