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Bugalter Dynasty

Bugalter Dynasty
The best labor dynasty
North Kazakhstan oblast
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The total work experience of the dynasty: 
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Bugalter Adam Davydovich (father) - the head of the dynasty, began his career as a tractor driver, work experience of 47 years.

Bugalter Yuriy Davydovich (son) - mechanic of the enterprise North-Kazakhstan Agricultural Experimental Station LLP, 37-year work experience.

Bugalter Vitaliy Yuryevich (grandson) - mechanized of the enterprise North-Kazakhstan Agricultural Experimental Station LLP, 7 years work experience.

The Bugalter family has proven to be hardworking and responsible workers. Ensure reliable operation of agricultural equipment, proper operation, timely high-quality repairs, maintenance. Purposefully improving personal training. To perform the assigned work relate in good faith. The total length of service of the dynasty is 91 years.

По клику на блок «Я не робот» выполняется проверка, что голосует человек, а не робот. Если появится окно с разными изображениями, следуйте указаниям во всплывающем окне.
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