Melsov Erkebulan Zhambylovich

Melsov Erkebulan Zhambylovich
The best young worker of production
Kostanai oblast
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Melsov Erkebulan Zhambilovich was born on May 24, 1995, in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the city of Uchkuduk.

In 2005, he moved to his historic homeland in Kazakhstan. 2005-2011 he studied at the 15th school of the city of Rudny.

After graduating from 9 classes in 2011, he entered the Rudny Polytechnic College with a degree in Mining Electromechanics. At the same time, he studied sports (Judo), took prizes in urban and regional competitions in judo, sambo, and қаққ res.

In 2015, after graduating from college, he entered the correspondence department at the Rudny Industrial Institute with a degree in energy and thermal engineering.

In September 2016, I got a job at JSC «SSMPPA» as an electrician.

This year I graduated from the institute, having received the degree of "Bachelor of Energy and Thermal Power Engineering"

Currently working in the Sarybai Mine Department as an understudy of energy. In the future, he plans to increase his degree of professionalism and grow up the career ladder. Proud to be working on such a large enterprise as «SSMPPA».

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