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Orazaliev Rollan Serikovich

Orazaliev Rollan Serikovich
The best young worker of production
Pavlodar oblast
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Orazalinov R.S., born in 1989 29 years old, has a technical and vocational education in the specialty "Technology of oil and gas refining", having graduated from Pavlodar Chemical-Mechanical College in 2008. In 2013, he graduated from the Innovation University of Eurasia with a degree in Standardization, Metrology, and Certification. Continues training in a magistracy.

He began his labor activity at the Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant on March 1, 2016, at the hydrotreatment unit for vacuum gas oil in the shop for deep oil refining No. 3 (KT-1). In June 2018, transferred by the operator to the catalytic cracking unit (С-200). Before entering the Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant, he worked as an operator in UPNK LLP, Neftekhim LTD LLP, where the results of his work were repeatedly noted by the management, so in NeftekhimLTD, for his high professionalism and personal contribution to the development of the enterprise, he was rewarded with a Certificate of Honor in the nomination polypropylene production ", participated in the launch of UPNK-PV LLP.

After transferring to Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP, it continues to take an active part both in the public life of the workshop and of the entire enterprise. Constantly improving their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Studies the technological regulations of production, practicing the knowledge gained in practice.

Taking part in the factory competition of professional skill

“Үzdіk Maman - 2018”, won the first place in the nomination “The Best Operator of Technological Installations”. The active life position of Orazaliev Rolland serves as an example to follow for young specialists of the enterprise. Always ready to assist colleagues, respectful of the older generation.

He maintains friendly relations with his co-workers, observing the norms of corporate ethics.

Married. In his free time, he is engaged in active forms of recreation: swimming, chess, and sports.

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