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Husainova Gulsim Azimkyzy

Husainova Gulsim Azimkyzy
The best young worker of production
Zhambyl oblast
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Khusainova Gulsim Azimkyzy - a leading specialist of the state communal institution of the Akim of the rural district of Dalakainar.

In 1991 she was born in the city of Shu in the Zhambyl region.

Since 2013 - methodologist, a leading specialist for youth and sports in the village of Dalakainar. Work experience - 5 years.

03/01/2013 - 08/17/2017 she worked as an instructor for youth affairs in the rural district of Dalakainar, an inspector in the municipal public institution “Youth Resource Center” of the internal policy department of the akimat of Shu district of Zhambyl region.

From August 18, 2017, to the present, he is a leading specialist in the KSU "Apparatus of the Akim of the village of Dalakainar».

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