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Kozhantaev Syrym

Kozhantaev Syrym
The best mentor of young workers
Western Kazakhstan oblast
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He began his career in 1998 as the operator of the main technological production.

Prior to joining the JSC “Condensate”, he worked as an operator of oil and gas production at the “Karachaganak Gas Production Directorate”, therefore, before joining the JSC “Condensate” Syrym had a good experience as a production worker. He participated in the commissioning and commissioning of the plant. At the low-tonnage plant for the production of fuels has gone from the main production operator to the shift supervisor.

For his organizational skills and professionalism in 2002, he was proudly appointed shift supervisor.

Taking into account the accumulated experience in the enterprise, taking into account the moral and business qualities of Kozhantaev Syrym in June 2016, he was appointed as an engineer for current planning.

During twenty years of work in JSC “Condensate”, he recommended him as a highly qualified specialist, competent and demanding manager.

He is hardworking, has high performance. He is distinguished by a high degree of personal responsibility for the assigned area of ​​work. Energetic, neat, able to defend their point of view. Maintains in the team an atmosphere of high mutual demands, goodwill, interest in achieving the goals set.

The best employees of the enterprise have been trained by Kozhantayev S. and currently occupy leading positions in the enterprise and are owners of Government awards, the Condensate Memorial Sign. Under his leadership, the operators mastered the methods and methods for dismantling and installing internal contact devices of the Peton attachments installed during the modernization of the MTH, which made it possible not to attract and not incur the costs of attracting specialists from Peton. This skill is successfully used annually in time by the plant.

At the time of scheduled preventive maintenance, the management of the MTU complex puts Kozhantayev Syrym on the most responsible and difficult areas of work, knowing that the organization and carrying out of the work will be carried out competently, efficiently and on time.

His competence, competent and professional solution of the tasks, good organizational skills did not go unnoticed by the management of the company. In April 2018, he became the head of one of the most important divisions of the enterprise - the processing plant. And here his ability to competently mobilize the team to perform production tasks, to make decisions quickly and in a timely manner in the event of all sorts of abnormal situations was fully revealed.

Kozhantaev Syrym pays a lot of attention to the training of young personnel, participating in the process of training production personnel and training qualified specialists from the number of WKO residents.

The team enjoys well-deserved authority. By nature, Syrym is a calm, balanced, sociable, sympathetic comrade, always striving to help his neighbors. He leads a healthy lifestyle and teaches his subordinates to this.

He took an active part in the commissioning of the installation of motor fuels "Production of components of gasoline of environmental class K5" in the framework of the State program of industrial - innovative development for 2015-2019.

In 2007 he was awarded the Diploma of Akim of the West Kazakhstan region.

Since 2013, he has been a member of the Council of Veterans of the Condensate Group of Companies.

In 2014 - he was awarded the breastplate with the Condensate Memorial Badge of the 1st degree.

In 2017, he was awarded the Medal “Munay-gas keshenin damytka koskan ulesi ushin”.

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