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Within the framework of the "Enbek" Program, 1 858 families were resettled from the labour-surplus regions of the country

The state program "Enbek"

The state program "Enbek" for stimulation of mobility of labour resources provides measures of the state support to voluntary resettling citizens.

Family couple Kharchenko Mikhail Anatolyevich and Sergeeva Elena Gennadievna moved to the East Kazakhstan region in the village of Borodulikha in the framework of the Program from Shymkent.

Within two weeks, Mikhail Anatolyevich was given a job corresponding to his education, was paid subsidies for moving, which the couple added to their money and bought a house.

"We noticed that they do not bake tandoor bread and samsa here, I expressed this idea in the Employment center, where I was supported and sent to study at the courses "Bastau-Business" of “Atameken” NCE of RK, where I was also paid a scholarship to learn how to properly manage my small business. So we had an opportunity to open own business on baking. I defended my first business plan, received a certificate giving the opportunity for two years to receive grants and preferential loans for the opening, development and maintenance of own business. It turns out that in rural areas all this is possible," says Elena Gennadievna.

The spouses say that with such good support from the state, people will stay in rural areas, engage in their livestock farming, crop production, business, and contribute to the development of Kazakhstan.

At the end of 2018, 6 766 people (1 858 families) were resettled from the labour-surplus regions to the Northern regions. The number of resettled citizens of working age is 3 265 people, of which 2 263 people employed. Including 180 people are engaged in entrepreneurial activity, 112 people are covered by training in a new place of residence.

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