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Berdibek Saparbayev held a meeting on the issues of implementation of new social measures of Elbasy


On Monday, March 25, a meeting on the implementation of new social measures of Elbasy "Aleumettik kamkorlyk" was held under the chairmanship of the Minister of labor and social protection of population of RK Berdibek Saparbayev. In the selector mode, the meeting was attended by Deputy akims of the regions, Nur Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent, heads of departments of coordination of employment and social programs, representatives of the SC "Government for citizens", territorial departments of the Committee of labor, social protection and migration.

Issues of readiness of the regions to receive applications of citizens for the appointment of address social assistance on the basis of PSCs, Employment centers, akimats of rural districts from April 1 this year were discussed at the meeting.

"The main issue is to ensure local readiness to receive documents from citizens to receive address social assistance of the new format. If necessary, provide additional specialists. It is also important to provide high-quality information and awareness-raising among the population. It is necessary to explain citizens in a simple understandable language what measures of state support are provided to them," the Minister stressed. 

It should be noted that the ASA is appointed from the month of application, that is, to obtain the ASA of the new format, it is not necessary to submit documents on April 1. This can be done throughout the month.  

We remind that according to the order of Elbasy, in Kazakhstan from April 1 this year, the criterion for the provision of ASA will increase from 50% to 70% of the subsistence minimum, amounting to 20 789 KZT. The number of ASA recipients will increase from 571.6 thousand people to more than 830 thousand people. At the same time, if the average size of the ASA for each family member was previously 4 834 KZT, then from the next month 20 789 KZT will be paid for each child.

In order to expand the coverage of the recipients of the ASA, allowances for mothers with many children, awarded with pendants "Altyn Alka" and "Kumis Alka", for the disability of the child, as well as scholarships will be excluded from the calculation of the total family income. The procedure for the appointment of the ASA will be simplified through the optimization of the requested documents: you will only need an identity card.

Also, 10 thousand state grants for the implementation of new business ideas in the amount of 505 thousand KZT will be provided to large villagers and young people. About 5 thousand persons with disabilities and mothers with many children are planned to cover preferential microcredits for opening their own business in the amount of up to 6.5 million KZT.

There is a wide range of measures to solve housing issues, including the allocation of land for individual housing, subsidizing the down payment for housing for large families, the construction of rental housing for low-income families from among large families.

In addition, a single package of social services and support measures to be provided by local executive bodies has been developed.

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