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Berdibek Saparbayev told about the measures of social support to residents of Koyandy village

Berdibek Saparbayev

Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Berdibek Saparbayev, on Wednesday, April 3, visited the Koyandy rural district of Tselinograd district of Akmola region, where he met with the population, got acquainted with the reception of documents for the updated format of address social assistance (ASA). 

It is known that in terms of the implementation of social measures of Elbasy "Aleumettik kamkorlyk" since April 1 this year reception of documents has been begun for receiving updated address social assistance. Applications are accepted in employment centers, population service centers, as well as in rural akimats. 

Speaking to the villagers, the head of department noted that due to the introduction of a new format of social assistance, it is expected that the number of recipients of ASA in Kazakhstan will exceed 830 thousand people, in particular, in the Tselinograd district, their number will increase from 12.3 thousand to 17.6 thousand people.

The Minister noted that 10 thousand state grants for the implementation of new business ideas in the amount of 505 thousand KZT will be provided to large family villagers and young people. About 5 thousand persons with disabilities and mothers with many children are planned to be covered by preferential microcredits for opening their own business in the amount of up to 6.5 million KZT.

In the district, the head of department got acquainted with the economy of a large family repatriate from China, who under the program "Enbek" received a loan of 4 million KZT and organized his peasant farm, where not only breeds cattle and horses, as well as produces and sells dairy products.

In addition, in the capital B. Saparbayev got acquainted with the process of receiving applications for ASA in the population service center of Saryarka district. He once again drew attention to the receiving staff documents that for the appointment of social assistance since April 1, it is enough to provide an identity card and relevant application. 

During the visit to the akimat of “Baikonur” district, the head of department met with residents of the capital who came to apply for address social assistance, he gave explanations on measures of social support for the low-income families and answered their questions.

According to the order of Elbasy, in Kazakhstan since 1 April this year, the criterion for the provision of ASA increased from 50% to 70% of the subsistence minimum, amounting to 20 789 KZT. As a result, the number of beneficiaries will increase from 571.6 thousand people to more than 830 thousand people. At the same time, if the average size of the ASA for each family member was previously 4 834 KZT, from April 20 789 KZT will be paid for each child.

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