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The working group under the Ministry of labor has developed proposals to support low-income and large families

Berdibek Saparbayev held the 10th meeting of the working group

On Saturday, April 20, the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Berdibek Saparbayev held the 10th meeting of the working group on the development of proposals to increase incomes and improve the quality of life of citizens.

The meeting was attended by Vice-Ministers of health care L. Aktayeva, education and science E. Sukhanberdiyeva, national economy M. Zhunusbekova, agriculture A. Saparov, Chairman of Committee for affairs of construction and housing and communal services M. Zhaiymbetov, Deputy Chairman of ACSAAC A. Shaimova, Deputy akim of the city of Nur-Sultan N. Nurkenov, Deputy Chairman of the committee of the migration service of the MIA of RK G. Sarsenova, journalist Saule Abdinova, head of the capital bureau of the fund "Akzhunis" Meyramkhan Zhapek representatives of public associations and large families, initiative groups.

Vice-Minister of labor and social protection of population Svetlana Zhakupova announced the proposals developed by the working group, in particular, the introduction of allowance for children under 18 years with the optimization of some existing measures of social support. There are also proposals to provide pensions for mothers with many children and mothers raising children with disabilities, to change the method of calculating total income in the appointment of ASA, to revise the structure of the subsistence minimum, to issue a certificate confirming the status of a mother with many children, and others.

A number of the working group's proposals have already been resolved. In particular, amendments to the State program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship "Enbek" have been prepared. So, to ensure employment and income growth, villagers with many children will be provided with irrevocable state grants for new business ideas in the amount of 505 thousand KZT. Also this year, 5 thousand microcredits will be directed to the development of entrepreneurship among mothers with many children and persons with disabilities in rural areas.

In addition, short-term training in popular professions will be organized for large low-income rural families. For certain types of work, social jobs will be created at home with wage subsidies.

All the proposals will be considered in detail and appropriate decisions will be taken.

The Ministry has also developed a unified package of social assistance and services that will be provided to low-income families by local executive bodies. The social package includes 11 measures of social support and social services at the expense of the local executive body.

According to akimats, in 2019, 287 thousand children will be provided with free food in schools, 553 thousand people – free travel, 219 thousand schoolchildren – school uniforms and supplies, about 30 thousand children – places in kindergartens, 186 thousand children will receive vouchers to camps. More than 460 thousand people will receive one-time assistance, 5 thousand recipients of ASA will be employed, 5 thousand people will improve housing conditions through the system of housing savings. In general, all types of social assistance are planned to cover 821 thousand people in the amount of 83.1 billion KZT.

"The solution of many issues requires study and time, all of them will be gradually resolved. The initiatives of Elbasy "Aleumettik kamkorlyk", voiced at the congress of "Nur Otan" party, are complex in nature, associated with long-term goals aimed at improving the welfare of citizens. The measures taken are only the first stage. The Ministry continues to work in this direction", - said Berdibek Saparbayev.

The heads of state bodies told in detail the measures aimed at supporting low-income families, the solution of the problems raised by them, and also answered the questions voiced by the participants of the meeting.

Summing up the meeting, B. Saparbayev stressed that support of low-income segment of the population is one of the main priorities of the social policy of the state. In this regard, the Ministry of labor and social protection of population on a regular basis will monitor execution of taken social measures by state bodies.

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