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More than 1,300 apartments will be given to large families in May 2019


Minister of labor and social protection of the population of Kazakhstan Berdibek Saparbayev and akim of Nur-Sultan Bakhyt Sultanov, on Thursday, May 2, held a meeting with low-income and large families of Almaty district of the capital.

The meeting was also attended by Vice-Ministers of healthcare L. Aktaeva, education and science E. Sukhanberdieva, Chairman of the Committee on affairs of construction and HCS of MIID RK M. Zhaiymbetov.

Head of the Ministry of labor recalled that in the framework of the initiatives of the First President - Elbasy "Aleumettik kamkorlyk" since June 1 this year the salary of 1.1 million civil servants will increase to 30 percent. Since July 1, the benefits for caring for a disabled child will be increased, as well as the benefit for a person caring for a disabled person of group 1 since childhood. As a result, the amount of benefits for 100 thousand citizens will be increased from 31 183 KZT to 41 578 KZT.

Since April 1, the reception of documents is held for the provision of Address social assistance in the new format, which this year is planned to cover more than 830 thousand people. In particular, the number of ASA recipients in Almaty district will increase from 2028 to 2954 people. In general, about 7 thousand people will be the recipients of the updated ASA in Nur-Sultan.

The procedure for assigning ASA is simplified through the optimization of the requested documents. Thus, all the necessary documents are requested through the information systems of state bodies. In case of lack of information in information systems, specialists of employment centers or rural akimats issue requests to the relevant state bodies.

In particular, as of May 1, the system "E-halyk" received 847 applications for ASA residents of Almaty district, 467 families have already received social assistance, in addition, 112 families were made automatic recalculation of cash payments.

Also, active work is carried out in the regions on the formation of electronic social cards. They will include an assessment of the needs, social and living conditions of each family.

At the same time, changes are made to the State program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship "Enbek". So, to ensure employment and income growth, villagers with many children will be provided with irrevocable state grants for new business ideas in the amount of 505 thousand KZT. Also this year, 5 thousand microcredits will be directed to the development of entrepreneurship among mothers with many children and persons with disabilities in rural areas.

In addition, short-term training in popular professions will be organized for large low-income rural families. For certain types of work, social jobs will be created at home with wage subsidies.

The Ministry has also developed a single package of social assistance and services that will be provided to low-income families by local executive bodies. The social package includes 11 measures of social support and social services at the expense of the local executive body.

B. Saparbayev noted that an important issue is the provision of housing for large and low-income families. In addition to the existing state housing programs, active work on attracting business to social projects is carried out in Kazakhstan.

"Issuance of apartments began this month. Our goal only from the budget in May should be given to large families at least 1316 apartments, 249 have already been issued. Now this work is actively carried out. Meetings with entrepreneurs, heads of enterprises are also held," the head of the Ministry of labor said.

The participants of the meeting answered all the questions of capital residents.

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