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170 thousand families of Kazakhstan received updated ASA


As part of the implementation of social measures of Elbasy "Aleumettik kamkorlyk" since April 1 this year reception of documents for receiving the updated address social assistance (ASA) is conducted. Applications are accepted in employment centers and rural akimats.

As of April 1 of this year, through the "E-halyk" in total 230 032 of statements were received (1 242 954 people), including 181 652 new statements (973 624 people). 48 380 families (269 330 people) were recalculated previously assigned amounts.

Most of the applicants are registered in Turkestan region – 54 723 families, Shymkent 31 084 families, Almaty and Zhambyl regions 24 443 and 24 029 families.

To date, address social assistance of the updated format has been paid to 169 770 families totaling 25,3 billion KZT.  

At the same time, the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK reminds that address social assistance is assigned from the month of application and does not depend on the day of application.

According to the order of the Elbasy in Kazakhstan since April 1 this year, the criterion for the provision of ASA increased from 50% to 70% of the subsistence minimum, amounting to 20 789 KZT. At the same time, if the average size of the ASA for each family member previously amounted to 4 834 KZT, now 20 789 KZT will be paid for each child.  

In total, more than 130 billion KZT is provided for address social assistance in 2019.

Changed on 13 May, 2019 - 18:25
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