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Women with many children from all over the country are taught applied arts in the capital

Korpe Fest

In the exhibition complex "Korme" in the framework of the social project "Asyl Ana" 4-6 July for the first time in the country is a mega-festival "Korpe Fest" dedicated to the Day of the capital.

Berdibek Saparbayev and Altai Kulginov took part in the event organized by the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population and akimat of the city.

The festival includes free training lessons for women with many children on sewing and applied arts, as well as an exhibition where participants who have passed training seminars will present their works.

The winners of the exhibition were awarded with diplomas, sewing machines and other valuable prizes.

By the way, she has had master classes well-known ethno-designer, producing items of folk art and handicrafts in ethnic style, laureate of the prize of the President of RK "Altyn Sapa", Yrza Tursynzada.

"Mothers with many children should follow the example of successful women of the country who opened their business and made it not only a source of income, but also a matter of life. After all, this allows not only to improve the quality of life, but also to create jobs for other women," Berdibek Saparbayev said in his welcoming speech.

The Minister noted that within the framework of the state program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship "Enbek" now large-scale villagers are provided with grants for new business ideas in the amount of up to 505 thousand KZT.

"For example, a large family can use the money to purchase a sewing machine and the necessary materials and organize at home sewing of bed linen, national clothes and other products," the Minister said.

Also, for large families, persons with disabilities and young people, a quota for 5 thousand preferential microcredits is provided. As a result, this year 15 thousand large families will have the opportunity to do their own business and increase their incomes.

Master classes organized within the framework of the mega-festival are part of the social project "Asyl Ana". Its goal is to train mothers with many children, to attract them to small and medium-sized businesses through the development of the national brand. The complex of activities includes training seminars, classes in sewing and applied arts, organization of exhibitions, master classes for doing business through social networks.

In general, the project "Asyl Ana" provides for the creation of a support center for mothers with many children, providing legal and psychological advice, rehabilitation assistance.

This social project helps to reveal the potential of large and poor women to conduct their own business, to develop their capabilities, as well as to promote national handicraft.

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