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Component 1. Building the Foundation of a National Qualifications System

The purpose of this component is to enhance the institutional capacity for improving the relevance of TVET, higher education, and in-service training. This will be achieved by establishing the key building blocks of a national qualifications system that is well aligned with labor market demands. Those key building blocks are: Occupational Standards, Educational Standards and Curricula, and Qualifications Assessment and Certification.

The appendix provides developers' data on the areas of pre-school education and training, chemical technology and production, hybrid energy, traditional energy, renewable energy, high-voltage networks, low-voltage networks, electronics, and communications, etc..

In the appendix list of professional standards 2016-2018

The appendix contains materials on recommendations for improving the sectoral framework of qualifications presented by the New Technologies Company LLP in the framework of the Project "Skills Development and Job Creation".

The recommendations for these materials are accepted until June 6, 2018 by e-mail:

Attached are Guidelines for the development and design of professional standards developed under the project "Development of skills and stimulate job creation" and utrvezhdennyh Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan. The developer is LLC "Ernst & Young - Business Consulting".

This section contains materials on the review of the certification system:

This section contains the projects of professional standards, which are developed in the framework of the project "Development of skills and stimulate job creation" in the following areas:

- Transport and logistic.

Project Management Group offers to get acquainted with the reporton the basis of participation in the study visit of the Scottish Qualifications Agency (Scottish Qualifications Authority, SQA).

On the planned work on the pilot implementation of centers for testing skills, professional certification and the development of assessment tools for the recognition of informal and informational training in the framework of the project "Development of work skills and stimulating jobs"


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