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state allowance for children till 18

       According to regional bodies of coordination of employment of the population and social programs on January 1, 2016, state allowance for children till 18 (SAC) is granted for 551,1 thousand persons. In comparison with an index on 1.12.2015 the number of recipients fell to 11,5 thousand people, and the sum of an allowance is more on 712,9 million tenge. In general on the republic on 1.01.2016 the SAC average monthly size per recipient makes 1539,3 tenge, i.e. for 137 tenge more than in the similar period of last year.

labor market

According to offices of coordination of employment and social programs of areas, Almaty and Astana for 2015 concerning employment 409 thousand citizens addressed. On January 1, 2016 in bodies of employment was registered 34,6 thousand persons. With assistance of bodies of employment of the population 304.2 thousand people or 74,4 percent of the total number of addressed to authorized bodies was employed from which 17,3 thousand jobless citizens are directed on social workplaces, for passing of youth practice - 16,1 thousand graduates of the organizations of education.

2015 are captured by public work - 93,8 thousand people, 13,6 thousand people are directed on a vocational education and retraining.

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