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Information on the outcome of the workshop European office of the world health organization from may 18-19, 2016 (Bonn, Germany)

18-19 may 2016 European office of the world health organization conducted a workshop at the site of the city of Bonn (Germany) on the theme: "Economic assessment of health effects factors associated with the environment and working conditions: place of asbestos in the economy", which was attended by representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Russian Federation, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and other countries.
The consultants were external experts WHO, ILO, OECD, European Commission employment and social Affairs, European Agency for safety and health at work (OSHA ЕС), the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm agreements, the Italian national Institute for insurance against industrial injuries (INAIL), Inspection on labor protection Northern Ireland, the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health (Germany), as well as specialists from the Universities of Prague, Helsinki, Milan, Maastricht, Exeter medical school, etc.
The meeting participants discussed and refined methods for the assessment of costs related to the manufacture and use of asbestos, which plans to bring to officials and leaders to make decisions about the safe transition to alternative technologies.
The seminar was intended to facilitate the implementation of one of the obligations of the Parma Declaration by 2015 to create a national program for the elimination of diseases associated with the use of and trade in asbestos.
During the meeting, reports were presented on: "Asbestos in the WHO European region: update on activities and policies of the WHO" and "Asbestos in the WHO European region: update on activities of partners in countries and at the international level" and discussed the preliminary results contained in the draft report on "Economic aspects and the social burden and benefits associated with the prohibition of asbestos, and Review of stakeholders in the context of supporting national strategies for the elimination of diseases related to asbestos", etc.
At the same time, in the speeches of the representatives of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Tajikistan was voiced opinions about the need for a differentiated approach to regulating different forms of asbestos, particularly chrysotile asbestos. Experience in the production and use of chrysotile asbestos in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries does not allow to accept the Directive of the European Commission that the creation of controlled conditions and monitoring the nature and duration of professional contact and proper healthcare of industrial workers currently allows for the controlled use of chrysotile asbestos.
Thus, Kazakhstan today has approved the policy on controlled use of chrysotile in accordance with the decision taken during the meeting Prime Minister of Kazakhstan dated December 24, 2008 No. 20-5/81.
In addition, in January 2011, Kazakhstan ratified the ILO Convention of 1986 No. 162 "About a labor safety at asbestos use", which allows to guarantee the protection of workers' health in hrizotill industry and to provide solutions to important socio-economic tasks for sustainable development.
In Kazakhstan, the chrysotile asbestos has been used for over 40 years and the only company leading the development of deposits of chrysotile asbestos is JSC "Kostanay minerals" (Zhitikara, Kostanay oblast). Zhitikarinsky Deposit of chrysotile asbestos, which is developed in  open way, is the only resource base of chrysotile asbestos.
The attention of Kazakhstan scientists to the study of state-level health workers chrysotile-asbestos production was reversed in the period since 2004 to the present. National center of labour hygiene and occupational diseases of health of Kazakhstan conducted a comprehensive multidimensional research on the impact of chrysotile asbestos on the health of employees, and epidemiological and hygienic studies of the environment, and currently monitors the health status of workers in the chrysotile-asbestos production by JSC "Kostanay minerals".
In accordance with paragraph 10 of the Global plan of action for the protection of workers' health 2008 - 2017, adopted at the 60th session of world health Assembly (resolution WHA60.26, dated may 23, 2007.) and paragraph (10) Parma Declaration on environment and health adopted by the representatives of the States members of the WHO European region at the Fifth Ministerial conference on environment and health (EUR/55934/5.1 Rev. On 11/03/2010 2), Kazakhstan needs to develop a Concept aimed at elimination of diseases associated with exposure to asbestos-containing dust for the period till 2020 with involvement of the interested ministries and departments.

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